Finally... A Fast Charge iPhone Cable That Will Last You Forever!

Finally... A Fast Charge iPhone Cable That Will Last You Forever!

If Your Cable Ever Breaks We'll Buy You A New One For FREE!

If Your Cable Ever Breaks We'll Buy You A New One For FREE!

The Last iPhone Cable You'll Ever Have To Buy!

Let me ask you a question…

How many charging cables did you have to buy over the last 12 months?

We did a survey and the average cable only lasts 2 months and costs $19.95 so times that by a year and most of us are paying $119.70 a year for charging cables.

You might be spending more or less but either way...

Having to constantly replace broken charging cables is not cheap and if you never have to buy another cable again you’ll save $119.70 a year on average.

Guaranteed For LIFE!

3X cables are the last charging cable you’ll ever have to buy because they come with a lifetime guarantee.

If they ever stop working for any reason, even if it’s your own fault, we’ll give you new ones for FREE!

The only reason we can make such a guarantee is because we built these cables to be... 

As Strong As A Tank!

Between the ballistic grade nylon, aerospace grade aluminum housings, and the super rugged strain relief 3X cables are built with a fortress around them making them virtually indestructible.

Not only are these arguably the strongest cables on the market but they look absolutely incredible.

When you hold these in your hands you’ll feel the immense quality of these cables.

Kink Proof!

Most cables break because they're made from inferior materials that allow the wires to kink. 

The most vulnerable part of cables is right under the housing so we beefed 3X cables up with oversized strain relief built from super rugged and stiff high grade rubber.

We also wrapped 3X cables with tightly woven ballistic grade nylon that’s normally used for mountain climbing ropes.

Put this all together and 3X cables are the only cable on the market guaranteed to be kink proof.

Nothing Charges Faster!

Not only are 3X cables the most durable cables you can buy but they’re also the fastest charging cables on the market.

All the new fast charge wall plugs and phones require the same 3X technology our cables are built with. (USB 3.1, 3Amp)

95% of cables on the market are using slow and outdated USB 2.0 technology that's not fast charge compatible. 

Your phone was made for fast charging but will never reach its full potential if you're not charging with 3X type technology.


  • Length: 6ft (Click Here For 3ft)
  • Kink proof
  • Fast charge compatible with all fast/quick charge wall plugs and car chargers.
  • Lightning-to-USB 3.1 technology allows you to have the fastest data transfer possible.
  • For iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 6S plus 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, 10, X, XR, XS, iPod 5, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini and all other iPhone's and iPads made in the last 6 years.
  • Triple hard braid ballistic nylon, super strong aluminum internal wrap, with high grade PVC design is proven to be 10X stronger.
  • Can withstand over 40,000 bends
  • 3Amp/ USB 3.1
  • Housings are built from high quality aerospace aluminum.
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty*
  • Condition: new
  • Color may vary

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