Most of our charging cables come with a 1 year or lifetime warranty. If your charging cables stop working we will replace them for free excluding shipping for you to send us the broken cables and shipping to send you the replacement cables. (excluding free cables and cables sold without warranty). To save you money and time you can simply cut the ends of your cables and send us a picture. (submit your photo with your support ticket) You can mail them back to us if you prefer. The address is below. We do ask that you cover the costs of postage and handling (Around $3.99 for a single cable and is subject to change as postage rates change) The lifetime guarantee is based on product availability and we may send you a replacement of a different cable of the same quality (same connection). Lifetime guarantee will last up to 2 years after the cables are no longer being used by the major brands in their new smartphones. Major brands are Apple, Samsung, HTC, LTE, LG, Sony. If we can easily source these cables we will honor this guarantee for far more than 2 years. This is only to protect us in the event that we can no longer source these cables economically. In the event we feel there may be any type of miss use or possible warranty fraud we reserve the right to cancel the warranty. Warranty is void in the event of a refund or chargeback. Warranty is not transferable and is strictly only available to the original purchaser.

The fastest way to get a replacement cable is by submitting a support ticket. Click here and submit a support ticket.

You may also mail your broken cables back to us and request replacements. Please include your full address, phone number and email address. Please ship to iDealsDay.com 2487 Kiser Rd, Middleville, MI, 49333.